There are four core team members at My Berries headquarters: Directors Allison and Stuart, as well as our 'Chief Taste Testers', Luther and baby Gabriel.

We met in London, worked hard, travelled and tasted some amazing foods from around the world. We are passionate about provenance, high quality ingredients that offer value for money. We hate waste and love our local farmers. In 2012 we returned home to Queensland to raise our family and start our berry business.

Stuart was previously an executive chef and set up various restaurants and production kitchens in his time. His family are second generation berry growers and he has always been challenged to find a home for every berry grown on the family farm.

Allison holds a Master of Science in regulation, so she does all the stringent checks and balances across everything we do. After seeing lots of berries being dumped over the fence to the cows next door just because of some OTT supermarket specifications, she started freezing these perfectly ripe, flavoursome berries.

We are very cautious about what our children eat and like most families we only want them eating safe, locally grown produce. This means we are fierce in aligning with growers who care as much as we do. Read more about our minimal intervention policies.

On our days off, we love going to the beach and exploring our little corner of Queensland.