our frozen berry products

Based in the fruit bowl of South East Queensland, we source the sweetest berries direct from the farm. Our frozen berry range is completely hand-produced. Each berry is carefully hand-picked, washed and frozen before being packaged into convenient, zip-locked pouches. 

Our range includes raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and mixed berries.
They are versatile, perfect for adding to any powerful breakfast combination including smoothies. And an essential ingredient for baking, sauces, ice-cream, ice-pops and even a cheeky cocktail. 

Available in retail and food service sizes.

Our berries are sourced direct from the farm gate and carefully hand-picked and packed. A powerful start to your day and a snack on the run. Perfect for smoothies, baking and making preserves and sauces, ice-cream and sorbets.

Conveniently packaged in 300g and 1kg stand-up, zip-lock pouches.