Frozen Berry Nice Blend

Frozen Berry Nice Blend

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A little blue, a lot of red and a lick of local love. We’ve captured the best of the Australian berry season, when the sun shines and yields are high, to create our delicious My Berry Blend. Offering peak nutritional value, My Berry Blend is the perfect addition to your everyday breakfast smoothie. We have blended our favourite berries all by hand and they are so, so versatile.

Use in any breakfast combination, baking or garnishing desserts.

Our parents tell us that the female members of their local Fishing Club enjoy pouring frozen mixed berries onto their pavlovas as it is so quick and easy. Is that cheating you ask? Sure. But sometimes time just isn’t on our side and, in our opinion, the quicker you can get a slice of creamy, fruit-laiden pavlova into your mouth, the better!

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1Kg - $19.99


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